How do I best get to Paros?

                                                                            How do I best get to Paros?There are two ways to come in Paros, either by plane or by boat.

Here’s a rough guideline if you decide to flight to Paros:

You can fly to Paros through Athens or Thessaloniki airport. There are 5 flights per day from Athens and 2 flights per day from Thessaloniki with the following airlines Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines and Astra Airlines  So check the airlines schedules to see for connections. Paros airport is new and the airplanes that arrive take up to 80 people.

Here’s a rough guideline if you decide to take the ferry:

By ferry you can come daily to Paros through Piraeus or Rafina port there are plenty of boats and hours to choose. But if you are traveling from Athens, you need to land in Athens up to 14.00 hrs to catch the usually last ferry per day to Paros around 17.00 hrs. Calculate around 1 1/2 hrs for the bus trip from the airport to the port of Piraeus. (It’s the bus “X96” that goes every 20 mins from the airport and costs around 5 Euros per ticket – no need for the taxi-hassle!) Sometimes there are also boats from Rafina, too, but you’d need to check the boat schedule for that first.
But also you can fly to Myconos and Santorini and then combine a ferry to reach Paros
For Santorini, it’s best if you land by 11.00 hrs., then you’ll be sure to get a ferry or speedboat the same day; sometimes there is also a ferry around 18.00 hrs from Santorini, but not every day.
Myconos there are daily boats but unless it is high season only very early in the morning (around 10.00 hrs), so usually there is no way around staying overnight on Myconos. There is no ground rule here either, so you’d have to check the ferry schedule there, too.


How do i reach Kostas & Ioanna Studios?

                                                                                   There are three ways to reach Kostas & Ioanna Studios, by bus, by taxi or by private car.

By Bus

If you arrive by boat in Paros, as you exit from the boat to the port of Parikia the bus station is at your right hand in 50 meters.There is a direct bus to Logaras, it takes 40 minutes to arrive and costs around 3€ per person.

If you arrive by plane you have to take the bus from the airport to Parikia and then change bus to Logaras. The cost would be around 5€ per person.

Logaras Beach has two bus stations the nearest to the studios is called Logaras Gefiraki please ask the bus driver for Logaras Gefiraki. Then you walk 200 meters and you arrive at Kostas & Ioanna Studios.

During the summertime there are frequent bus routes.

By Taxi

You can take a taxi direct from the port or airport and you arrive in front of Kostas & Ioanna Studios. The cost would be around 25-30€ and takes up to 4 persons.

There are many taxis in the port and airport but if you are sure that you want a taxi the best way is to contact Kostas Ioanna Studios via an email or a phone call  and book one for you. The cost is the same.

By Car

If you have your own car you arrive by boat, so From Parikia you take the route to Logaras (Parikia – Kostos – Lefkes – Marpisa – Logaras – second entrance). If you want to rent a car from tthe port it would be the best option. There are many car rentals to choose, the cost depends from the season, it would be around 30-60€ per day for a small car.

The roads of the island are very good and it is very easy to drive in Paros.